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Disclaimer! is not a substitute for consultation with a medical practitioner.

This site is intended to provide information to the questions, concerns, difficulties and problems related to human sexual health, function and behaviour asked by the visitors/readers of this site. The content of this site cannot be a substitute for personal consultation and the answers/solutions suggested here will suffer the limitation of being based on the limited information given in the seeker's letter and differences in the cultures of the visitor and the consultant(s). A thorough interview in person, clinical and laboratory evaluation where applicable, may be necessary for better understanding and management of the problem. The organizers of this site and its participant specialists do not hold responsibility for any incompleteness, inaccuracy or inappropriateness of the answers provided. The visitor/reader is therefore recommended to take the content as broad guidelines and seek a personal consultation with relevant specialists in their reach.

All disputes subject to jurisdiction of Courts of Law at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India only.



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