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In an answer to the question someone asked about not going all the way, you said you could get pregnant by genital contact, does that mean without clothes on? In other words, get you can get a girl pregnant if you are wearing jeans and underwear if you cum?

For those tiny rascals, the pores in the fabric are too big to worry about. They don't have to stumble or squeeze themselves through. They cake-walk to where they are destined. Though it's not that easy to impregnate a girl this way, one must be aware that theoretical chances do exist.

How much sperm does it take to get a girl pregnant?

Under very favorable conditions even one sperm cell can make a girl pregnant. And a milliliter of semen (about 10 drops) contains as many as 20-80 million spermatozoa.

www.sexualcounseling.com/Pregconcern.htm contains some specific questions and answers regarding chances of pregnancy. You may wish to read these.

I had sex 2 days before my period. It has been now 7 days and i havent got my period. does this means im pregnant> My period usually takes 28 to 30 days to come.

Intercourse 2 days before periods for a regularly menstruating woman does not cause pregnancy. My best guess is that your periods are delayed, most probably because of your anxiety. Relax. Everything should be fine.

I have never had sex and I am concerned that this is having negative consequencesa as i have been sexually aroused for so long, are there negative side effects to this?

Not having sex in spite of being regularly aroused doesn't do you any harm. In fact the contrary may do!

Can a girl become pregnant if a man ejaculates on her stomach and it slides down near her vagina?

Well, IT MAY - if it happened on the most opportune moment! Theoretical chances do exist.

Well, my boyfriend and I were having sex and I just got off my period. I just wanted to know what are the chances of me being pregnant because the condom broke and I don't know if any of his precum got on me.

Almost no chances, but take care next time on!

My boyfriend and I were havening intercourse and he was done and the condom got stuck inside me! I got it out and it had sperm in it and the condoms had spermicide!I started my period the next day very heavily and I am conserned i can become pregnant! It is now time for my next period and i am a week late! I have been stressing about it for a while so i think it may be from my stress!! Do you think i'm pregnant??

I dont think you are pregnant. No way!
Relax and you will get your periods !!

I  had sex the day of my period, in other words i did it n the morning and started my period that night!!!! what r my likely hood of getting pregnant?

NIL, for all practical purposes.

well me n my girl where havign sex n when we got kinda tired i checked n i had a little bit of precum on my penis, but i didnt even finish like to get to the real sperm, n she just finished her period two weeks ago, should i be worried if she is preganent???

Precum has real but minimal chances of causing pregnancy. And you had sex 2 weeks after she FINISHED her periods. This lowers  the chances a little bit. To be on safe side suggest emergency contraceptive pills to her. They should be started within 72 hrs. of intercourse. Should be available over-the-counter. Best measure would to a doc's prescription for the EC pills.

ok after having sex, i had cum on my hands and it was a week before my period! and i masterbated with cum on my hands ...can i be pregnant from this?

NOT LIKELY (to get pregnant) PROVIDED YOUR PERIODS ARE REGULAR. The chances are very low because you only masturbated with some cum on hand and that it occurred just a week before your DUE DATE.

But please note that what you have done carries risk of pregnancy and better be avoided.

my girlfrined and i were trying new things and i stuck my penis in for about 3 seconds. we were just curious as to how it felt, after about 3 seconds i pulled it out, and i dont know about pre-cum. can she still get pregnant in that short amount of time?

The chances are negligible. But please, the next time you do this, use a condom (to learn to use it the right way, visit ( www.sexualcounselling.com/Condomuse.html ) or a spermicidal vaginal pessary, foam or jelly.

We have never had sex before.We thought we would try experiment a little though without rubber. However he was barely inside about half way when we decided not to go ahead this time without protection. He had not cum but i have heard precum also has some sperm. It was the sixth day after the first day of the last period.Are there any chances that I could get pregnant.Do I need to test?

Your chances of pregnancy are negligible, given that it's only the precum, that too, on the 6th day of cycle.


my girlfriend and i were playing in the bed and she started to masterbate me then a little amount of transparent stuff went out my penis so i wiped that transaparent stuff out and wiped it in my shorts and bed. after a minute i started to put my finger in her vagina. would that make her pregnant?


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Pregnancy can
  occur -

From pre-ejaculation fluid ('pre-cum');

If condom breaks during sexual intercourse;

Even if the condom is used but not properly;

Through unprotected anal sex, if the semen spills or seeps into vagina;

Even if the penis did not go all the way into the vagina, but ejaculation took place on or near the vulva;

Even if the penis is not hard enough

If semen ejaculated on the clothes wets the vulva of the female.

Through sex in what may seem to be periods (menses) under certain circumstances.


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